Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Madame Bovary Group Blog Work

This blog was created when I first began reading the book "Madame Bovary." This was sort of a predition.

I'm currently past 173 pages of the book "Madame Bovary". In the beginning it seemed extremely slow to me but the past has changed. One scene that stood out to me in the book was when Emma continues to take out that green silk cigar case and admire it, "She would look at it, open it and sniff its lining, which was impregnated with an odor of verbena and tobacco."(Flaubert, pg.49) The green silk cigar case stands out as a symbol especially the color. Green symbolizes growth and change. When Emma gets involved with Charles it's like she doesn't know the situations she's getting and it's obvious as her story continues. Even though she makes Charles happy the feeling is not mutual, it was in the beginning but even in the beginning readers can tell she's unsure. Her life with Charles is dull and the party just emphasizes the obvious. The color green is brought up constantly; When the Bovary's move to Yonville-l' Abbaye the pharmacist is "Wearing green leather slippers" (pg, 64) and when her child is born the author takes time to describe the disheveled grass and the warmth of the greenhouse window. These situations are very huge changes but I think readers have to wonder if they are good or bad changes.