Friday, April 4, 2008


To tell you the truth I had never heard of Mr. Gallagher before this class but now everyone I know has something to say about the class. I believe this class was the funniest this year but also the most serious. I have had good times and bad times in this class more than any other class I have had in my time at Malden High School. When I entered English IV honors I was not unprepared for the amount of work we had to do but for the amount of effort I had to put into the assignments. I believe it has taught me a huge lesson and still is. When I started out the English class not only were the type of thing we were doing new to me but also the way the class was conducted also new. There are something’s that I have really regretted passing in but it all teaches me something.

As far as my overall English skill go they’re better than they were before. I know use words in my essay that I wouldn’t use prior to taking this course, meaning my vocabulary has gotten a little bit better than it was. I now know how to better construct a thesis statement. I have learned that people really have to be paying attention to everything that goes on in the class. I still believe that if I put in the effort I could have done way better that I did over all and especially this quarter. I don’t regret at all continuing on with this English class when I could have switched out.

I learned the shyness or laziness will never ever work in the real world if you want to get something done. After my first explication was a complete disaster I should have then talked to Mr. Gallagher about it but I made the wrong decision and let the bad grades pile up. I’m the type of person who really doesn’t like to get a bad grade and if I do I don’t want people to know about it. I know now that it is my job to make sure I avoid mistakes and if that means sharing my grade with a person so I can fix what I did wrong than that’s what I have to do. I remember the first time I followed the advice of Mr. Gallagher; this was when I was in danger of getting a low grade for the quarter. I was told to follow my discussion partners, blogs on Madame Bovary and try to get the same structure as she had. I think that was the first time really didn’t stress over my grade because I knew I was forming my blogs correctly at the time and it paid off. Madame Bovary ended up being one of the best novel I read this year. I don’t really enjoy being on the computer that much but when it came to this assignment I found myself actually waiting to read another on of Angela’s blogs.

I enjoyed the art that was posted on the blogs. Pieter Bruegel’s art was fascinating. I had an assignment on “The Wedding Dance in Open Air” painting. Even though I didn’t get the explicating correct I thought it was very interesting. I wasn’t really bored doing that assignment. I never had a class that incorporated art without actually being an art course. I only really was interested in calligraphy but this class actually exposed me to other art forms especially paintings. Art is now something that I think

I have learned to be more mature and learn from my own mistakes and take responsibility. When something goes badly grade wise I have to take the initiative and do what has to be done to fix it. Next year I will actually be paying for my education and it’s up to my not to waste my money. I will always remember the things that I have learned.

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