Friday, April 4, 2008

Understanding Ourselves (On Demand Writing)

Without other people how could one truly understand themselves? Human beings do all have things in common. Understanding another person’s beliefs or morals can teach a person something they didn’t know about themselves. Other people can expose things to a person they didn’t see before; It can be a learning experience.

In the novel, “A Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man” the main character, Stephen, goes through a time in his life where he has difficulty trying to understand him-self. Stephen is exposed to religion at a young age. He believes, “It would be beautiful to live if God so willed it, it would be beautiful to die if God so willed it.” After being exposed to sex at a young age and going through a stage of confusion he seems to settle. Stephen no longer relates God with beauty anymore and his beliefs no longer include God. Being exposed to sex by prostitutes taught him or caused him to come to a decision and leave his religion.

In another nover, “Madame Bovary” the main character, Madame Bovary, learns from her husband, Charles, that simplicity is not what she looks for in life. Being with Charles helped her understand that she enjoys the stimulating fast life which, Charles is unable to give her. Without Charles could she truly have understood what brings her happiness? No.

Understanding others is absolutely significant in understand ourselves.

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Stephanie P. 5 said...

This essay received the highest score out of all my on demand writing. I enjoyed writing this piece.